€ 9
excluding VAT / month

Additional services

card OperationS
€ 5 excluding VAT card cancellation (refunded in case of theft)
Virtual card free renewal
€ 10 excluding VAT physical card renewal
2% / transaction payment in foreign currencies (excluding EUR)
€ 1 excluding VAT ATM withdrawal

€ 15 excluding VAT modification of a natural person (name, address)
€ 15 excluding VAT modification of legal person (name, form, corporate officer, address)

€ 50 excluding VAT per manual operation (ad hoc justification, circulation letters, ...)

€ 15 excluding VAT direct debit rejection if the balance is insufficient
€ 15 excluding VAT Reminder of a transfer requested by the user / required due to an error

NB : Any irregular management of the account (attempted or proven achievement) contrary to the general condition
and / or legal provisions may give rise to a flat rate of  € 150 excluding tax

questions ?
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