Physical POS, a special offer to Professionals 

Business account &
bank card, the most competitive offer

Partnership of two expert companies in payment services.

All the steps to open an account online.

All your services in 4 days!

Access to services from € 12.80 / month 

Single rate card commission: 0.99%

Possibility to buy your terminal at cost price.



Open your business account
Complete the form on
Possibility of depositing your capital
4 minutes to open an account, French IBAN


Obtain your domiciliation card
Complete the form on
Opening time from 48 hours
Credit card payment with and without contact


Order your gateway online on
Possibility to buy your terminal at cost price
Assistance 7/24
IP / 3G electronic payment subscription
Business account
BASIC € 2 / month 
without commitment
Domiciliation card
0,99% per transaction
without commitment
POS, electronic payment gateway & support
€ 12.80 / month
without commitment